Meet the Team

Michele Drago, Founder

The idea of Downtown Elite came to me a year prior to its launch in 2012. As a Communications junior (at the time) with a serious lovin’ for fashion, I always wanted to find a way to document unique styles and trends in the small town I live in.

After interning with CollegeFashionista, I realized street style and spotting trends were two of my very favorite things.

I’ve always been a girl with expensive taste and unique style, but I’ve had to stick to my college budget. My style has evolved with the style I see through other fashion blogs and my time spent between Northeastern Pennsylvania and New York City. After getting admitted into Parsons the New School For Design, my dream school where I’ll be receiving my second degree in Fashion Marketing,  I knew it was time for Downtown Elite to be created.

Have any questions, comments or want to get to know me? Send me an email at

twitter: @michele_drago
facebook: /michelecdrago
pinterest: /micheledrago
instagram: michele_drago

Shaun O’Brien, Men’s Editor

“What would you do, if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

Imagination is the principle National debt. Downtown Elite became an idea after I started to realize the amount of creativity that was being put into Streetwear by hard working average people not only all over the nation, but also in my own backyard. I’ve always been very interested in style and fashion, but had never considered doing anything with this love for clothing. After attending Misericordia University for a few semesters and working at the retail store Zumiez, I quickly realized that there was so much to be learned about both the industry and the passionate individuals striving toward their dreams within it. Downtown Elite is my way of congratulating creativity, for celebrating a vision, for showcasing the talent that is often right around us, but is too often overlooked.

Streetwear is my generations artistic pallet, and within this site you will find our future Picasso’s. I hope you like what you see, and I hope you wear what you like. Be creative. Be yourself. Be Downtown Elite.

Have any ideas on what you would like Shaun to cover? Email him at

twitter: /theRealShaunO
facebook: /shaunob11
instagram: therealshauno


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